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Toyota Window Washer Fluid - 200ml

Toyota Window Washer Fluid - 200ml

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Keep your windows clean and clear with Toyotas 200ml Window Washer Fluid!

Toyota Window Washer Fluid is the only fluid you need to keep your car windows looking like new. It's specially formulated for Toyota vehicles and contains a powerful detergent that easily cuts through dirt, grime, bird droppings and road film without leaving streaks or residue behind. This 200ml bottle of window washer fluid will provide enough cleaning power for up to 10 full tank refills - ensuring your windshield stays spotless no matter how far you drive!

  • Cleans and lubricates window wiper blades
  • Contains bugrepelling ingredients which help to protect against insect damage
  • Reduces smearing of rain for a clearer view of the road ahead

Spring-clean your windscreen and make every journey a safer one with Genuine Window Washer fluid. Don't compromise on Genuine quality, get your Genuine products now!

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