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Toyota RAV4 Rear Solid Brake Disc 2000-2005

Toyota RAV4 Rear Solid Brake Disc 2000-2005

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TOYOTA RAV4 Rear Solid Brake Disc 2000-2005

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This is a brand new, affordable OE Specification aftermarket replacement product. 100% Factory tested and built to strict quality control standard to ensure high performance and guaranteed to deliver better braking.

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The Brake Disc is a large circular shaped, hardened steel plate. The Brake Disc is attached to a wheel hub and has a brake caliper attached to it. The friction from the brake pads on the surface of a rotating brake disc or brake rotor, powered by the pressure received from the brake master into the brake caliper, helps a moving vehicle to stop. Brake Discs or Brake Rotors are critical safety equipment on a vehicle and should be checked regularly. There are many different types of brake discs that give different levels of performance. Some have cross-drilled holes over the surface to help rapid cooling during aggressive braking and others are slotted braking discs. High-Performance Brake Discs are made from Carbon and Ceramic.

Some vehicles are fitted with Disc Brakes at the front and at the rear of the vehicle. Brake Discs offer a far more reliable stopping system compared to brake drums. It also offers a faster cooling system on the brakes rotors as heat is more easily dissipated.


Defective Symptoms

Braking Discs are subject to normal wear and tear and must be replaced at regular intervals. Failing to replace this critical item can lead to an accident. Brake Disc has signs of wear. When you press your brake pedal and you get a vibration this is a common sign of brake disc wear. Failing to replace your brake pads on time can lead metal to metal contact between worn brake pads and brake rotors which leads to brake disc scoring. This means your brake disc does not have a smooth surface necessary for proper braking. In this instance, you must replace the brake disc with your new set of brake pads.

Brakes Discs can also lead to warping which is caused, in most cases, by heavy braking or worn discs. Warped Discs also affect the ABS System.

The Brake pedal can also receive a severe vibration when Brake Rotors are worn. Worn Discs also cause longer stopping times.

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