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Toyota Lanyard With 100ml Hand Sanitiser Bottle

Toyota Lanyard With 100ml Hand Sanitiser Bottle

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Stay safe and sanitised with Toyota! 

This Toyota lanyard with 100ml hand sanitiser bottle is the perfect way to keep your hands clean and germ-free on the go. The handy bottle attaches easily onto the lanyard, so you can take it wherever you go - whether running errands or travelling - and always have access to quick sanitation. It's easy to use, thanks to a simple push-down dispenser cap, allowing for one-handed operation while still keeping your other hand free. Plus, refilling is hassle-free when needed! 

  • Convenient portability and storage of hand sanitiser
  • Stylish presentation with the Toyota logo and colours
  • An essential product for health and safety in public places
  • Assurance that we can combat the spread germs due to COVID-19
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