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Toyota Hilux, Stallion and Condor Exhaust Valve

Toyota Hilux, Stallion and Condor Exhaust Valve

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An exhaust valve is a valve in an internal combustion engine that controls the flow of exhaust gases out of the cylinder and into the exhaust system. The exhaust valve is typically located in the cylinder head of the engine, and it is connected to the exhaust manifold through an exhaust port.

The exhaust valve is opened and closed by a camshaft, which is driven by the engine's crankshaft. The camshaft has a series of lobes that push against the valve stem, which opens and closes the valve. The exhaust valve is typically opened near the end of the exhaust stroke of the engine's pistons, and it remains open until the beginning of the next exhaust stroke.

The exhaust valve plays a critical role in the operation of an internal combustion engine. It allows the exhaust gases to be expelled from the cylinder, which helps to clear the way for the next intake stroke. The size and shape of the exhaust valve can affect the engine's performance and efficiency, and it is an important factor in the overall design of the engine.


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