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Toyota Corolla Roof Drip Moulding PLEASE SUPPLY VIN DETAILS

Toyota Corolla Roof Drip Moulding PLEASE SUPPLY VIN DETAILS

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Keep the rain off your bonce with Toyota Corolla Roof Drip Moulding!

This Toyota Corolla Roof Drip Moulding is the perfect addition to your car, ensuring that any rainwater runs off efficiently and safely. Crafted from high-quality materials, this moulding will keep your vehicle looking sleek and smart for years to come

  • Enhanced watertightness of vehicle roof
  • Improved safety when driving in wet weather conditions
  • Lowered risk of potential rust damage caused by pooled water on the roof eaves
  • Smart and contemporary look to complement sleek contours of car body styling
  • Extra protection against gusts of wind, hail and other strong elements from hitting the vehicle directly


Roof moulding trim covers the mounting points for optional roof rack components. The seam underneath is a structurally reinforced part of the roof line designed to support additional weight.

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