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Toyota Black Paradiso Beach Umbrella

Toyota Black Paradiso Beach Umbrella

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Shading you in style - Toyota Black Paradiso Beach Umbrella 
As you stroll along the beach, the sun's rays beat down on your shoulders. You can feel the warmth of summer all around you. But then you spot it - a perfect shade oasis in the form of a Toyota Black Paradiso Beach Umbrella! Its sleek black design stands out against the bright blues and whites of summer, providing instant relief from that hot afternoon heat. And with its wide canopy and extra-long pole for deep ground penetration, there's no need to worry about unexpected gusts of wind ruining your day at the beach - this umbrella will keep all your belongings safe and dry as you relax in comfort! 

  • Framework is made of PowderCoated Steel for strength and water resistance
  • Heavyduty canvas fabric makes the Toyota Black Paradiso Beach Umbrella both lightweight and durable
  • Includes an adjustable sand anchor base for easier setup on various surfaces such as beach sand or grassy areas
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