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Toyota Super Long Life Coolant

Toyota Super Long Life Coolant

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In 2002, Super Long Life Coolant was released to replace the Toyota red coolant product.  This 2nd gen anti-freeze has a pink color.

Providing an excellent long-life hybrid organic acid technology , it is a premium engine antifreeze. 

Its function is to cool the engines and to avoid the situation that cars become overheated after working a long time.

Now, most Toyota vehicles utilize this product, and it turns out to satisfy almost guaranteed requirements of this brand.


The Toyota SLLC is a coolant with the highest quality propylene glycol made by carboxylate technology. It is also added OAT (organic acid technology) in the manufacturing process – which can lengthen the service life.

The term “50/50 premixed” in Toyota Super Long Life Coolant pink label means that you don’t need to mix it with water.


All Toyota Models except Toyota Urban Cruiser & Toyota Starlet

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