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Silicone Seal Packing - Black

Silicone Seal Packing - Black

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A tight seal for a secure future - Black Silicone Seal Packing.

This Silicone Seal Packing is perfect for any home project or repair. It's made from high-quality black silicone, making it durable and resistant to wear and tear. Its flexibility ensures a tight seal every time, providing superior protection against water, dust and other elements. Plus, its easy installation makes it an ideal choice for both commercial and residential projects alike!

  • High temperature and pressure resistance
  • Corrosionresistance, weatherproof and nonstick surface
  • Good elasticity for a secure fit
  • Various colors to choose from
  • Ideal for sealing applications between two surfaces

Toyota Seal Packing Black is a silicone liquid gasket. Rubber like cured material has good heat resistance, oil resistance, water resistance and low temperature resistance.

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